Patient Loaders

Patient Loader

AeroMedical has developed a patient loader that can utilized for wheelchair, regular, and bariatric patients.  The patient loader is designed to ensure the safety of the crew members and the medical staff.  This unit was designed with patient care in mind.

Customer loading ramps are available in 3 different types:

  • Slide ramp for low threshold aircraft doors

  • Lift ramp for moderate height aircraft doors

  • Platform stretcher lifts for moderate & high threshold doors

Power Loader

Powered Ramp System

Our power ramp systems can transport patients up to 500lb or wheelchair patients while remaining flat and level. System is either powered by the aircraft itself or a remote battery source. The power loaders do not rest on the aircraft air stair to insure safety for the plane as well as the crew members.

Aero Medical - Slide Background

Fully Customizable

Since all orders are custom built, most features can be modified for any situation.
Please call us for custom design solutions.

Aero Medical - Slider Manual

Available Options

Manual Slide Ramps

With manual ramps, the unit takes up less space allowing more move-ability in the cabin.

Manual slide options include:

  • Straight ramps

  • Angled ramps

  • Folding ramps

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