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Delivering Extraordinary Air Ambulance Solutions For Over 40 Years

AeroMedical is the only manufacturer that custom designs and engineers all products to client and aircraft specifications.

2600+ STC/EASA

AeroMedical Products has FAA STC’s and EASA certifications for over 2600 aircraft model configurations

Made To Order

We do not mass-produce units, or make the assumption that one unit meets the needs of all.


The only manufacturer certified to use lightweight aluminum honeycomb materials.

Why Choose Us?

Aero Medical Quick Install

AeroMedical did an amazing job with the design of their air ambulance equipment. Installing units in and out of our aircraft are quick and easy making it ready for all types of flights.

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“Medstar” air ambulance system is the only equipment that complies with the
21g dynamic load requirements of 14 CFR Part 23.562/14 CFR Part 25.562 amendment 64.

What can we build for you?

Medstar Bed

MedStar Series

Built to 21G compliant, MedStar stretcher bases are designed specifically for operators who need an ultra-lightweight design with highly customizable aesthetics. Constructed out of honeycomb aluminum the empty weight of the MedStar is less than 25 pounds.

MedStar stretchers are specially handcrafted to the client’s specifications.

Classic Stretcher

A simple aircraft medical bed that offers unbeatable durability and weight reduction. When it comes to function, we at AeroMedical focus on use ability longevity of our products.

Patient Loaders

Are available for all aircraft in both manual and powered versions. Our power loaders do not rest on the aircraft air stair and can be rated for bariatric patients.


Our divans will replace an existing divan or couch in any helicopter or business jet. There are several approved medical divans and dual-purpose medical divans available. Contact sales for complete details.


The commercial stretcher is designed as an ACL system for use in all commercial aircraft. Utilizing the same technology as that of the Medstar. Designed for patient comfort and safety on long distance transport of critical patients.


We have a large selection of medical support equipment such as Heart Monitor, Isolette, Oxygen tanks etc. In addition page under development.

AeroMedical Products

World’s foremost super lightweight MedEvac Manufacturer and supplies since 1979

  • MedStar
  • Divan
  • Classic-Econoline-Stretcher-

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