AeroMedical offers new equipment to help combat the spread of COVID-19

AeroMedical is pleased to announce they are offering a new tool to help their clients ensure the safety of their passengers and employees.

The AeroMedical Ozone Generator is a portable unit that provides a natural disinfection method that requires zero additives, replacements, and chemicals. Each unit has a high output measured in grams per hour, therefore, it is suitable for any size fuselage. All AeroMedical Ozone generators are equipped with an easy-to-use timer to guarantee safe use. The timer is a simple method to control the level of ozone produced into the air to properly disinfect. When preparing to disinfect, set the timer for the desired dosing. This will allow the AeroMedical Ozone generator to be operated automatically when the space is unoccupied. Once the timer has ended, the system will shut down, the ozone will dissipate, and the area will be safe for re-entry into a clean environment.

“The air transportation industry has been hit really hard by COVID 19. The cleaning of aircraft with particularly harsh chemicals are negatively impacting the surfaces they are used on. With the Ozone Generator operators can protect their passengers and employees without harming their aircraft in a simple and convenient manner.”

Paul Egan
President & CEO

AeroMedical has been delivering extraordinary Air Ambulance Solutions for over 40 years and is the only manufacturer that custom designs and engineers all products to client and aircraft specifications.

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