World's Foremost MedEvac Manufacturer

  • How many STC’s do you have?
    We have STC’s covering medical interiors in over 954 different aircraft make and models.

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  • How long does it take to install a MedStar or Econo Base?
    Installation or removal of a Medstar or Classic series base is 30 minutes or less.
  • Do I need a mechanic to install the Medstar or Econo base ?
    No, any trained person can install or remove the Medstar or Econo base.
  • Does the equipment come with FAA/STC or EASA approval?
    All Aero Medical Products come with FAA/STC approval. Some aircraft have EASA approval as noted in our STC list. EASA approval is available upon request.
  • Can the equipment be installed in various different aircraft?
    Medstar and Classic base units can generally be interchanged with aircraft of similar track or floor layout design.
  • Do you have an equipment bridge?
    Yes, the equipment bridge easily attaches to the top stretcher providing a convenient place to install the monitors. We also have medical rails that support equipment and gas outlets.
  • Can I get drawers or shelves built in the base?
    Yes, you can have drawers or shelves built in Medstar base units. Locking and heated drawers are available.
  • Where must I install the air ambulance unit in the aircraft?
    You may install the air ambulance unit anywhere that you have enough room, except in front of the door.
  • Do you have an air ambulance unit that fits over the spar in my King Air?
    Yes, dual installations are available for the King Air utilizing our special base unit that bridges the wing spar.
  • Do you have an STC approved medical interior for my airplane?
    We design and manufacture medical interiors for 2,678 different makes and models of aircraft. And the list is expanding.
  • Do you have used air ambulance systems?
    Yes, we sometimes sell used air ambulance systems that we have fabricated. We do not sell equipment from other manufacturers.
  • Do you sell medical supplies and monitors?
    Yes, we can provide any medical item, except pharmaceuticals.
  • How much does an air ambulance system weigh?
    A basic Medstar base and stretcher weighs 47 pounds.
  • Do you have a loading ramp?
    Yes, we manufacture custom loading ramps. Three types of loading ramps; 1/ slide ramps for low threshold aircraft doors, 2/ lift ramps for moderate height aircraft doors, 3/ platform stretcher lifts for moderate and high threshold aircraft doors.
  • Can I get the equipment painted in the color scheme of my aircraft interior?
    Yes, and in some cases there is no additional charge.
  • Can I get my Logo on the face of the unit?
    Yes, just send us a high quality jpeg file and we would be happy to do that for you.
  • Will you custom make an air ambulance system for us?
    Yes, many of the systems we fabricate are customized to some degree. Fully custom systems may require a new FAA STC or new EASA certification.